Ryan "Rykno" Provencher

Simning - 2018-10-13 (lördag) 01:00:00

 Nordic Open Masters Swimming Championships (2018)

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Nordic Open Masters Swimming Championships

unshaved and not really tapered and 107kg to add to my list of excuses.

200 br my last event of the day. after the bad feeling I got during my 100 medley while swimming back I was really thinking about skipping this event. but then saturday afternoon would have been really boring. so I swam anyway. I had one goal that was to get bronze. a bonus would have been to beat my time from SM 2017. My best start of the weekend. I take the first 25 nice and smooth with really long strokes. Only 5 strokes on the first 25, I can't remember doing that ever. The next 25m I only take 8 strokes and on the third again only 8 strokes. I am parallel with the guy next to me. but as I make the turn I don't get a good deep breath and the under water pull was stressed. I still manage to swim the first 100 1:24.48 putting me in third by 0.7s. at the 150m I am stressing every stroke and now 2s behind 2 and 3. I complete die the last 50m and come in about 5s beind 3rd and 6s behind second. but as the rest of my swims from today it was my best 200m bröst since 2013.

conclusion, triathlon killed my swimming and I have to work harder to be better in the pool....

1 km
1 km/h
01:00:00 min/km

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