Ryan "Rykno" Provencher

Simning - 2018-10-12 (fredag) 01:15:00

 Nordic Open Masters Swimming Championships (2018)

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Nordic Open Masters Swimming Championships

800m fri march 2016 when I had to stop in the middle of the 400 IM because my heart rate increased beyond normal I swim the 800 in 11:08-98. nearly 64s slower than the 2014 SM. it was a sign that I ignored and eventuelly could be the start of my down fall to my stroke later that summer. but today I felt good.
out in 1:14, felt easy and controlled. 1:18 still feels really good. 1:19 and now I feel that I am going to really rock this swim. 1:21, starting to hurt my back/neck on the turns. 1:23 and now I am doing open turns. the swimming feels really good, but it hurts too much to do flipturns. 1:25 and then 1:26, but managed to finish a little stronger even with open turns with a 1:22.14, last 50 39.41. finished with 10:47.93. my fastest 800 since 2014.

100 br still tired after the 800 fri but not my worst swim ever. nothing really too say other than if you don't train breaststroke, its hard to swim it fast.

2,5 km
2 km/h
30:00 min/km

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800 var ok öppnade lite för hårt kanske. 5:12/5:35 för 10:47
100 bröst var jag bara trött men kom in strax över 1:18

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