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Motto: Relentless, because the only easy training day was yesterday

Om mig: I like OCR, lifting heavy things, rowing and my dog.

I am a terrible runner but am working hard to get better.

Medlem i FunBeat sedan: 2016-01-12

21km of Muddy terrain running

Today I finished my first 21km race after over 8000mins of activity and training this month (Jan). It was as tough a race as any I have done. Things where on track up till 16-17km when we hit the first area the logging trucks had been it was calf deep mud and so draining on the legs. Läs mer...

The only easy day was yesterday

We used this motto a lot when I was served in the Australian Army and it ringed true in places like Iraq and Afghanistan where every day was a battle of mind over body, with the end of the month comes my first check of my goals and where I want to be this year. It's time to push hard with some 4a... Läs mer...

Sweden always an a adventure

I love Sweden and the outdoor adventures, It's always so nice to take the family and get out and exercise. Today we where of to Nimis http://www.ladonia.org for a bit of rock climbing and trails walking. Was a heap of ice that made the climbs tough, we built this shelter base camp for us to take ... Läs mer...

The best training partners

in a training partner you want someone who is always ready to go. Doesn't care about the weather is fitter faster and sting. Who can out sprint out pull out jump you who never complains or bitches. That's why I love trying with these two. Be it long walks, sledding getting pulled on the snowboard... Läs mer...

Got some new toys

wife won me this at the last race never been one for HR monitoring but was interesting none the less, went for my 2hr cardio burn. Think I will have to try harder Läs mer...