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50 days to Boston!

Marathon training is in full swing, and actually I have started to count the number of long runs left in my program. Of all the trainings I do, it is the long distance run that I find most difficult, and I am kind of looking forward to April 17thwhen the longest run for the rest of the year shoul... Läs mer...

Boston Marathon Training - 8 weeks done, 13 to go...

Training towards the Boston Marathon is progressing well, despite the set back of the unsuccessfull heart surgery just before Christmas. I was obviously disappointed that they couldn’t pinpoint the source of my extra beats and get it fixed, and as a result I will have to continue up to - and be... Läs mer...

Winter and Boston Marathon Training

As things have turned out, the main goal for the winter season training will be for Boston Marathon, taking place April 16th 2018. That is 20 weeks from today, and that makes today the day when my official training program starts for the winter. I do have the intent to also do some triathlon comp... Läs mer...

Race Summary 2017 and Looking Ahead to 2018

Race season 2017 is finally (?) over, and I am having major difficulties adapting to not being focused on my training. I had decided to take it easy during October to get some rest, and then restart structured training in November to start preparing for next season, but after two days of rest I j... Läs mer...

Hatkärlek till långlöpningspassen...

Training during spring has progressed great, and except for 10 days with a cold, I have managed to follow my training program. This has meant three weeks with nine sessions per week (three each discipline) with a total of 10-12 hours, followed with one easier week at around 6-7 hours. Compared to... Läs mer...

Mina vanligaste träningsformer - 60 dagar

Cykling, 2536 min , 56%

Simning, 572 min , 13%

Simning - Öppet vatten, 471 min , 10%

Löpning, 438 min , 10%

Cykling - Trainer, 259 min , 6%

Triathlon, 150 min , 3%

Övriga träningsformer, 121 min , 3%

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