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Hatkärlek till långlöpningspassen...

Training during spring has progressed great, and except for 10 days with a cold, I have managed to follow my training program. This has meant three weeks with nine sessions per week (three each discipline) with a total of 10-12 hours, followed with one easier week at around 6-7 hours. Compared to... Läs mer...

Running Fast in Your 40's - Injury and Recovery

Around the time you turn 40, running becomes a little more exciting as you seriously must start to take into account the risk of injury. Gone are the days where going out on a run or increasing running load a lot just meant that you had to overcome some initial fatigue and soreness in your thighs... Läs mer...

8-10 timmar träning i veckan - hur göra?

How do you fit in 8-10 hours of training per week in a normal life is a question I get quite often when I talk to non-triathlon friends and tell them what I dedicate my time and energy on. Well, for sure it is not easily done, but let me tell you how I structure my time to manage it. Läs mer...

Race schedule 2017 and start of training season

After some half hearted training during November, I have now managed to squeeze in two months of well structured and focused training, averaging about 40 hours per month, which is fairly high for myself. This year I am not doing Vasaloppet (cross country skiing), so I have been able to use that v... Läs mer...

Säsongsavslut och Summering 2016

Sådär, då var sista loppet för i år avklarat och sista nitratshotten och gelen svald. Efter Tjörn Triathlon i augusti hade jag ett sista mål för året att satsa på: 10km löpning sub-40 minuter, och detta skulle hända på Hässelbyloppet den 9:de oktober. Hässelbyloppet är ju känt f... Läs mer...

Mina vanligaste träningsformer - 60 dagar

Löpning, 1859 min , 34%

Simning, 1497 min , 27%

Cykling, 1286 min , 24%

Cykling - Trainer, 819 min , 15%

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