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Race Summary 2017 and Looking Ahead to 2018

Race season 2017 is finally (?) over, and I am having major difficulties adapting to not being focused on my training. I had decided to take it easy during October to get some rest, and then restart structured training in November to start preparing for next season, but after two days of rest I j... Läs mer...

Hatkärlek till långlöpningspassen...

Training during spring has progressed great, and except for 10 days with a cold, I have managed to follow my training program. This has meant three weeks with nine sessions per week (three each discipline) with a total of 10-12 hours, followed with one easier week at around 6-7 hours. Compared to... Läs mer...

Running Fast in Your 40's - Injury and Recovery

Around the time you turn 40, running becomes a little more exciting as you seriously must start to take into account the risk of injury. Gone are the days where going out on a run or increasing running load a lot just meant that you had to overcome some initial fatigue and soreness in your thighs... Läs mer...

8-10 timmar träning i veckan - hur göra?

How do you fit in 8-10 hours of training per week in a normal life is a question I get quite often when I talk to non-triathlon friends and tell them what I dedicate my time and energy on. Well, for sure it is not easily done, but let me tell you how I structure my time to manage it. Läs mer...

Race schedule 2017 and start of training season

After some half hearted training during November, I have now managed to squeeze in two months of well structured and focused training, averaging about 40 hours per month, which is fairly high for myself. This year I am not doing Vasaloppet (cross country skiing), so I have been able to use that v... Läs mer...

Mina vanligaste träningsformer - 60 dagar

Löpning, 1559 min , 46%

Simning, 751 min , 22%

Cykling - Trainer, 465 min , 14%

Cykling, 456 min , 13%

Löpning - Löpband, 157 min , 5%

Styrketräning, 15 min , 0%

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