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2018-01-01 19:23

Ironman Haugesund Norway (2018)

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Tävlingens datum: 2018-07-01
Plats: Norge
Sträcka: Annan
Typ av träning: Triathlon

The west coast of Norway, one of the most beautiful parts of the countries, now hosts a full-distance race.
The raw and wild nature, with fjords and mountains, provides the best backdrop for an IRONMAN race venue. The city of Haugesund eats, drinks, and breathes triathlon. Here, the Viking spirit embraces IRONMAN and its competitors.
The 3800m swim is calm, with lane ropes guiding the way. An "Australian-exit" after 2300 m brings the crowds' energy even closer. The transition areas are only a 50m run from the swim exit.
The bike course is a one-loop, 180 km ride featuring turns and rolling hills. It's one of the most beautiful bike courses in long-course triathlon.
Once back in T2, the run takes athletes through the city center in four loops. Athletes will pass the finish line eight times before they cross the finish line the ninth time.

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