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I got a request for pictures of my gps-clock-battery solution in the globalsat forums http://www.usglobalsat.com/forum/index.php?board=105.0 but as this is probably interesting for more people I put the info here in the blog instead.

The problem I want to solve is to be able to charge the watch while running, this is needed if I run more then the 8-10h that the battery last and If I run some sort of trail run whee charging is not possible in time base races I can put the watch in a charger an continue without it while it charges. Currently I have only charged it on the go 3 times. First two I took the watch off on put it in a bag/pocket with the cable and USB charger connected. Last time (inspired by ultrapetia see this picture
http://www.usglobalsat.com/forum/index.php?topic=109... )
I found out that it worked quite well to have the cable connected while the watch was still on the arm. I routed the cable inside the arm of my running jacket to my chest belt. After this I manage to find a cheep arm-mobil-phone-holder but I haven't tested it yet.

In the pictures you see my Globalsat gh615 GPS watch (with gh625 firmware) and the cable that followed the watch. The battery pack is a 99 SEK (about 10€) package from Kjell&Co, the arm phone holder I found in London for about 7€.

2011-01-09 11:48.

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