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Why early actions is important for Heart Attacks?

In spite of stressful lifestyles and fast-paced societies, every

individual must be aware of heart disease as it is the leading cause of death in many individuals. Though there are many  Best Cardiac Surgeon in Hyderabad, to assist and treat heart patients, it is necessary to be familiar with few early actions that have to be taken during a heart attack.

According to the sources, a majority of deaths are caused due to heart attacks especially Coronary heart disease. This afflicts both women and men, and now it is even seen in young people as a serious life-threatening condition. Consulting the Best Cardiac Surgeon in Hyderabad, at right time can save one’s life.

What is Heart Attack?

The death of a segment of heart muscle caused by loss of blood supply is called a Heart Attack. The blood flow is usually cut off when the artery supplying the heart muscle got blocked by a blood clot.If some of the heart muscle dies, an individual experiences chest pain & electrical uncertainty of heart muscle tissue. Whenever, an individual feel like he or she is experiencing any chest pain or any symptom of heart disease, the next step one has to take is approaching Best Cardiac Surgeon in Hyderabad.

Facts on heart attacks:

The following are the some of the facts about Heart attacks:

·         During a heart attack, the heart muscle loses supply of blood and is damaged.

·         Major factors are Smoking and obesity, particularly at-risk age range.

·         Heart attack risk increases when a man is over 45 years ago and a woman is over 55 years of age.

·         Chest discomfort & pain are most common symptoms.

·         One of the major cause of Mortality

·         Coronary heart disease (CHD) one of the common type of heart disease

Why is it so important to take early actions for Heart Attack?

Early heart attack care includes two parts -- recognition & response. Expert Cardiac Surgeons in Hyderabad, says that identifying the subtle early warning signs of heart attack can definitely save one’s life.  Whenever there is some chest pressure or discomfort, become aware.  The response to the symptoms should be decisive.  Get medical attention from Best Cardiac Surgeon in Hyderabad immediately.  The early symptoms of a blockage occur hours or even weeks prior to an acute heart attack.  Thus, in order to save lives, it is necessary to expedite the process of recognizing& responding.

It’s a known fact that CPR can save lives when there is an acute heart attack.  When the heart stops its functioning we can shock it into action.  However, if the heart damage has already occurred then in some cases death cannot be averted.  Thus, it makes more sense to check the mild chest pain or discomfort prior to a complete blockage takes place, resulting in heart attack.  However, being alert to the early signs& symptoms of Heart attack can end the progression of a heart attack.

Actions to be taken

Bring awareness to the public to recognize the early warning signs such as:

·         Mild chest pain, pressure, or discomfort

·         Shortness of breath

·         Burning sensation in the throat & chin that can be confused with indigestion and heartburn

·         Educate the public to respond instantly to prevent heart disease and crashes to sudden death.

Precise actions at right time can save lives.  Whether the customer is experiencing the early symptoms of heart attack or already diagnosed with heart disease, approaching a Best Cardiac Surgeon in Hyderabad at Yashoda Hospital or Maxcure hospital for medical attention is the most recommended option.

2018-04-30 20:22.

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