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Race Summary 2017 and Looking Ahead to 2018

Race season 2017 is finally (?) over, and I am having major difficulties adapting to not being focused on my training. I had decided to take it easy during October to get some rest, and then restart structured training in November to start preparing for next season, but after two days of rest I just want get started again! It doesn’t make it easier to see my Instagram and Facebook feed get flooded of posts and pictures from Kona and my training buddies working it out in the pool. But I will stay strong and stick to my plan, just need to take a deep breath and enjoy and do things I have put aside during the last eleven months…

Overall, 2017 has been a success when it comes to training and racing. A year ago I put together a very ambitious plan for this year, and started tough training in November to be as prepared as I could. The training plan was set to nine sessions per week – three per discipline – with a volume of about 10-11 hours per week. With a full time job and kids, this was very ambitious and it required total and full focus to manage it and stick to the plan. There were many times during the year where I just wanted to quit and stop, but at the same time, when I have set my eyes on a goal it is not often that I don’t give it 110% to get there, especially if achieving the goal mainly depends on myself. I ended up with ten months of very consistent training, and it gave me the results I wanted.


2017-10-12 13:18.

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