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The Ups and Downs of 2013

There were definitely more ups than downs in 2013. But in my mind 2013 will always be the year I crashed in Tjörn.

My main goal with 2013 was to increase my training and prepare myself for the coming 8 months 16 days.

2013 was filled with 450km swimming, 5000km biking and a PB 1238km running in a whopping 459 hours. On top of that I walked nearly 500km (479) and had nearly 6 weeks of rehab.

This year started with Masters SM in March. My best race of the weekend was hands down the 1500m, time 18:55.82.

May 1 I ran my first half marathon, 1:56.51. I had hoped to run under 1:50, but I was sick the week of the race and after 11km my throat closed up and it was hard to breathe. Even if I was slightly disappointed with my time I was glad I was able to "run" the whole time.

Next up was Växjötrampet 130km. My goal was to finish under 4:30. Last year I averaged 27.3km. This year I finished in 4:07:12, 32 km/h average speed. I was in a group that had 33.4 the first 90km, but I couldn't handle the speed increase and biked the last 42km solo.

This years first triathlon was Växjö Triathlon, sprint. Total time was 1:11.

My first Vätternrundan in June. I hade hoped to bike the 300km under 10hrs. We were a little group, and not everyone had a good day, but we finished in 10:16. The only positive I got out of that race was I was not tired after, and now I knew 180km in an Ironman would not kill me.

I swam in Jönköping, raced a sprint tri in Lammhult and did the club championship in sprint the weeks before my half Ironman premier. In all three of those races I built confidence that I could handle the swim and bike, but still not so sure how running will go.

Going into my first HIM I was hoping for a time under 5:30. Not sure the best way to warm up, I signed up for a 1km swim 2 hours before. Finished fifth and super charged for my next race. I finished in 5:06.27. I was one of the first 10 out of the water, had my best biking ever, 35km/h over 90km but then the running was more than I expected. I ran the first 7km ave 5:05/km. way way too fast, around the 8th km it started to hurt. The next 7km ave dropped to 5:56 and the final 7km in 6:15. I went from 5th up out of the water to 33 off the bike to 149 at the finish. Only 6 people ran slower than me. Something to work on before my next race...

The next day I was hoping to swim 3km under 35, but I didn't have the energy left for it. Finished in 36:07.

My Olympic distance premier came at the end of July. A very hilly course both on the bike and run. Hoping to go under 2:30. I was by far the first out of the water. Lost about 5min on the bike. But managed to run under 50min and finished at 2:27.27.

Went to Malmö at the beginning of Aug for an OW swim and sprint triathlon. Swimming went well, but the day after was the real reason for going to Malmö. I was hoping to go under 1:10 but was happy with my 1:11.37.

2013's biggest challenge: Vidöstensimmet approx 24km swimming. Last year I won hands down. This year there were at least 6 others that had their eyes set on beating me. I finished second only 2min behind the winner and only 2min ahead of third. But I managed to swim nearly 45min faster than last year. And the top 6 swimmers swam under my time from last year. Best of everything was that Lily did a 500m race...

The week after was Kalmar ironman week. I raced in the mini (1/10 IM) finished in 59:38. 27th out of 482 men! Got to stay a few days and watched the swimming and a few sections of the biking. A week later I signed up for next years IM.

As a final bike test before my second HIM I did a race for cancer. 40km around Växjö on a path. 1:26.40. Next year I'll have a bike for off road and be much faster.

Going into my last HIM of the year I was hoping to improve my time from Vansbro. I felt great in the water. Masters started 2min after the senior class, and I managed to swim passed all but 7 of them Smiley. Got on the bike feeling refreshed. I had just boughten a Plasma 10 tempo bike 3 days before. The first 40-42km were awesome. Around 50 or maybe it was 60km I crashed. I crashed hard. Got knocked out, broke my collar bone, scrape sores all over and weeks of depression. Four months later I'm still haven't been back on my bike. I've biked to work and the pool, but I have yet gotten the desire to sit on my racer or newly renovated tempo.

The week after should have been my season finale in Karlshamn. But injuries put a stop to that. But it didn't stop me from going to watch Lily in her triathlon premier. She did awesome!

After six weeks of rehab I decided to start in my first marathon. Prior to my accident I was hoping to run under 4:00. But no training for 6 weeks put a stop to that. Instead I just wanted to finish. I started off really strong. PB on the first half running 1:54.28. Nearly two minutes faster than in May. I actually did well through 32km. 2:57.38. But then boom cramp and lack of training set in. The final 10km took 1:26 and I finished in 4:23:55. Next year I'll run under 4:00!

The last race of the year was a joke. I went to the long course nationals with two goals. Swim every event and help my team gain as many points as I could. I did both. My team took third overall at the meet and second for the year.

I started running more and more after Tjörn. Biking less gave more time to running ;(. The last Sunday of the year I managed to swim 100x100m start 1:35. Five seconds slower than last year, but five months ago I didn't even think I could swim 10km.

I've got to do something in the coming weeks to change my biking habits!

Happy New Years to all of my training friends. Wishing you all an injury free year.
2013-12-31 15:30.

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Amen på skadefritt år!

The same to you. Du kommer springa fort i sommar.

Vilket fantastiskt år du haft ändå, Ryan! Väldigt tråkigt med kraschen, men i övrigt: fantastiskt bra jobbat!