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4 days after.....

I am aware that there are events going on in the world that weigh heavier than little old me. So some of what I write will seem petty, but it helps me to get my thoughts out.

Saturday night was a blur. The only thing the Doctor said to me that stuck was, broken collar bone, 4 weeks to heal, but no guarantees so no using my arm, After a three hour car ride home from Kungsälv hospital I unpacked the car, wrote a race report and went to bed. Sunday morning the bruises and sores were more apparent. My loving wife picked up my painkillers and kept the kids entertained so I could rest.

For the better half of Sunday all I could do was hate myself. How much time did I really think I was going to save by feeding in the aero position!?!? I'll never make that mistake again, and hope no one I know ever does either.

After a Sunday full of regret I was determined to make Monday as usual. Up at 06:00, the plan was to walk to work, but because of the rain I decided to have Jeanette drive me. I've got a slight head ache, and the pain in my shoulder seems manageable. We get the girls ready for school and drive to drop them off. I get nauseous in the short car ride and decide to go home again. I call in sick and when I explain how I feel, the company nurse tells me to go get checked out again for a concussion. After three hours in the emergency room I'm told its a side effect to the drugs. I walk from the hospital to work just to pass the time and then I spend the rest of the afternoon in bed. And go to bed early. It's about now I realize I'm not eating, nor am I hungry.

Tuesday morning I know right away I can't work, so I email my boss, but promise to attempt again on Wednesday. I spend all day resting watching movies and thinking about whether or not Lindingö Race at the end of Sept is a far fetch dream or a perfect goal to focus on. Tuesday evenings is swim school for all three, so I follow with to help watch the older two while Jeanette swims with Viola. Then I can rest again when the other two follow their teachers. After three hours out and about I'm dead tired, my shoulder throbbing and I'm losing feeling in my fingers. Not good! I'm still doing my best to not move or use my left arm. Just before bed I inform work again that Wednesday is not going to happen.

I think I slept well, nearly 11hrs in bed, but wake up in more pain and discomfort in my arm. I'm now starting to get depressed. I start questioning everything. Why bother my diet, what the hell did I buy a bike for. The house is full of junk and there is nothing stopping me from eating it all. But for some reason the idea of cheating on my diet makes me even sadder, so I don't, I email the orthopedic office instead and let them know i don't think everything is ok. At lunch to call the medical advice line. After nearly 30 minutes I'm told something isn't right and I should go back to the emergency room. Yea me, three visits in four days.

They decide to take more x-rays. After three plus hours I'm told the break is still clean, but here comes the twist. The numbing and discomfort I've been feeling was because I've been holding my arm too still!!!

So I get a new shoulder brace and I'm told to move my arm more, use it as normal as I can, just no weights or resistance. What a relief. Finally something positive. I feel an immediate lift in my attitude and happy. I confirm with the doctor how much I can move/use my arm and head home.

It's been 4 days since my accident, but during the last 4 hours I've gone from when will this end to rehab, baby step goals and only positive vibes.

Lidingö will still be a last minute decision, but it will be mine to make Smiley

On a side note, still waiting for my bike repair report, but I've started the insurance claims. The insurance through the triathlon union will cover 100% emergency medical and travel costs as well as my racing clothes. Our house insurance will cover my bike, helmet, and sunglasses. I even have an accident insurance, so I might get something from them for missed work...
2013-09-04 21:32.

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Hang in there mate! Kom ihåg att huvudmålet är Kalmar (ser fram emot att träffa dig och slå dig där, i alla fall efter simningen ;) ). Lidingö är bara ett liiitet delmål och det är inte värt det om det krånglar till rehaben. Kom upp till Sthlm och kör Vintermarathon i november istället :)

Håller med Mattias. Skit i Lidingö. Du kommer ändå inte att kunna göra så bra ifrån dig, som du hade kunnat om du haft möjlighet att träna. Du blir bara besviken. Det kommer flera Lidingölopp.


Sköt om dej och ta en dag i sänder. Som sagt det kommer alltid fler tävlingar och klassikern finns ju kvar. Hälsa frun din som jag vet drar ett större "lass" nu. Tänker på er.