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My first Olympic distance triathlon

Last year my plan was to compete in as many Olympic distance triathlons as I could to get me ready for my first half IM in 2013 on my way to an IM in 2014. But in March when the schedule was posted I knew there wouldn't be any this year. Instead I registered for two halves and would find as many sprints as I could.

10 days before the start of Örserums Olympic Rickard mentioned that he was going, I checked it out and it was only 145km away. Knowing that we were headed to the in-laws Friday night I persuade my wife to sleep over and I would pick her and the girls up Saturday night.

With only 10 days to mentally prepare I decided to take lots of short runs and quality rides. Even though I have decreased my swim training the last 8 months I don't feel I am losing anything in the water.

The Thursday before the race we were on Öland to camp. I took the chance to bike 90km around loop 1 of the Kalmar IM course. On Friday I had another opportunity to ride 90km to a BBQ. Just before 21:00 I kiss my girls goodnight and drive home to get ready for race day.

Race day
Up at 5:30 to eat and check my packing one last time. Breakfast 4 scramble eggs and milk. I make my bottles and en pack the car with Johan and his daughter Ebba. We pick up Rickard along the way.

We get to Örserum just after 09:00. Park the car and take our bikes to the check in area. Before checking in our bikes we take a quick 15min ride. By 9:45 my bike is in place and my equipment laid out for the race. The 3-4 days prior to the race there were talks of no wetsuits. So I naturally left my calf guards at home :(

At 10:40 I make my way to the water and swim out and around the last bouy. Besides the 50-75m walk out in the shallow beach the water was nice and clean.

Swim 2x750m
5min before the start everyone starts to line up for the beach start. No matter how many times I race I don't think I'll ever understand why everyone thinks they are faster than everyone else and try to stand in the first line.

Anyways. The whistle blows and I do my best to run out to the 75m bouy, but damn its hard running in water. Give up about 2/3 of the way out and lay down and "swim" I can see how he others kept running, but I don't care. We get to the 75m bouy and now everyone is swimming. By the time we make the first turn I am in the lead. I make it to the beach first, run up to the turn around pin and start to run back out for lap 2. After about 10 steps I give up running and just laydown to swim again. It was more like a military crawl but I get out to deep water quickly and can start swimming again. I am probably abo 15-20m ahead and decide to cruise through the last lap. Get back to the beach first, run up to T1 feeling fresh. Time 20:50

T1 - 1:18 only one mistake on my right shoe strap

Bike 2x 20km
Decided before the race to take the first hill easy. Takes about 3-4min before I get to the top. Felt ok, no effect from the two 90km rides days before. So I gear down and decide to push it. I've never biked a harder course. It was easier to bike 300km in June than these 40km. Only 50 meter elevation but damn! Max speed 61.6km/h but got down around 17km/h going up hill. Not many biked passed me so I felt like I did a good job. Time 1:14:50

T2 - :48 I came in just behind 3rd in my class but with my fastest ever T2 I went out in thirdSmiley

Run 4x 2.5km
I had a long term goal to get down to 50min, but based on information about the course I thought 55min was with in reach. The first 800m were up hill and I took it easy. Not knowing the course I actually took the first lap easy. Second lap I still held back going up but tried to let go downhill. By the third lap I started thinking about my finish time. Starting the 4th lap I hear someone go over the finish line in 2:14. Quick math in my head says as long as I run under 6:20/km I can make 2:30. I decided on the last lap to push the first hill. I survived and even had enough energy to sprint over the finish line. Time 49:43

Total time 2:27:27. Made two goals today. Ran under 50min and finished under 2:30.

Next goal will be to bike under 1:10, run under 48 and get under 2:20. I just need to find a course that works for me.

Another race filled with funbeat friends.
2013-07-28 14:51.

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Kul läsning!! Bra kört!!!

Bra gjort, du gör stora framsteg

Starkt cyklat ännu en gång! 2.27 på Örserum är typ 2.10 på sthlm's banan, som sämst. :)

Jimmy jag fick en energi kick när jag gick ut förra dig efter T2. Men alla i H35-39 springa för snabbt för mig, just nu ;)

Jättebra tävlat. Du tränar/tävlar med hjärna och hjärta. Då blir det så här bra. Grattis.